NHRCM organises in-house training among its provincial officers
13-01-2014, 12:23

National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia selected 21 officers who are to work in charge of provincial human rights matters from 1 January 2014. It organised capacity building training among these officers on 6-10 January 2014....

The 7th meeting of the National Human Rights Commission and Civil Society Organization held
13-01-2014, 11:08

The 7th meeting of NHRCM and CSO was held in December 16th, 2013. During this meeting, NHRCM introduced a new rule of its Advisory board, presented information of CSOs which were involved in a bid for small grants in 2014 under the project of UNDP “Strengthening national human rights oversight capacity in Mongolia”, and gave information on NHRCM activities jointly conducted with CSOs in 2013 and determined priorities of the cooperation in next year....

Current situation of torture in Mongolia
30-11-2013, 13:32

Below is the full version of the speech addressed by Mr. Byambadorj Jamsran, Chief Commissioner of the NHRCM at the event named “Preventive actions against torture,” held in the Government House, on 31 October 2013....

Conprehensive activity for prevention from torture undertaken
30-11-2013, 13:26

Since its establishment in 2001, National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, has conducted various pluralistic activities by helping to put an to the practice of torture which is a serious violation of human righ to personal security, improve relevant legislation and policy and the condition of pre-trial detention centers, drunk tanks, and prisons, raising awareness of the law enforcement officers, and implementing the recommendations released by the UN Committee against Torture....

Swedish Embassy requests for information from the NHRCM
30-11-2013, 13:22

National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia (NHRCM) annually submits the report on the human rights and freedoms in Mongolia to the State Great Khural....

Greetings for International Day for Women Human Rights Defenders
30-11-2013, 13:13

Warm greetings for women human rights defenders’ day for all women working in defense of all human rights, and all people who engage in defending the rights of women....

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