» » NHRCM presents its 16th annual human rights report

NHRCM presents its 16th annual human rights report

NHRCM organized its 13th meeting "Partnership of NHRI and civil society” at the UN House on 17 April 2017.

Through this meeting the Commission held discussion on topics ‘Some issues of the rights of the child’, ‘some issues of the right to labour’, ‘ some issues of the rights to military personnel and civilian employees in military organisations to labour’, ‘implementation of the right to be free from torture’, and ‘activities of relevant government organisations in implementing the Law on the promotion of gender equality’, which were included in its 16thannual human rights report submitted to the State Great Khural on 24 March 2017.

NHRCM Annual report is an important document that is a legal source containing recommendations to drawing attention of the parliament and the government and its subordinating institutions and the general public to urgent human rights problems and to eliminate human rights violations.

Thus, the Commission held this meeting in order to identify the roles and participation of government organisations and civil society to ensure the implementation of the recommendations proposed through the 16threport.

The meeting involved representatives of 13 government organisations including the Cabinet Secretariat and Ministries of jJstice and Home Affairs and Labour and Social Protection, and civil society organisations and media organisations.

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