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Memorandum of understanding signed

Byambadorj Jamsran, Chief Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, and B.Ganbaatar, President of the Mongolian Advocates’ Association, signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation on 21 April 2017 for the purpose of strengthening cohesion of cooperation to remedy violated rights individuals to legal assistance and to raise human rights awareness of the general public and relevant stakeholders.

Within the scope of the MOU the parties plan to cooperate in releasing proposals and recommendations on legislation and administrative acts that lead to the violation of individuals right to legal representation and assistance, conducting human rights training among advocates, exchanging experiences, raising human rights awareness through magazines ‘Human rights’ and ‘Advocate’, and improving legislation and policy to improve human rights situation.

The parties will be holding a meeting once a year to assess the conducted activities of the year and to set the cooperation plan for the next year and will be briefing the general public on their joint activities. The MOU will be in effect till 21 April 2019.

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