» » Human rights campaign conducted in Selenge province

Human rights campaign conducted in Selenge province

NHRCM team headed by Chief Commissioner ByambadorjJamsran launched human rights campaign in Selengepronvince on 25 and 26 April 2017 in order to raise human righst awareness and to shape human righst based approach among public servants and to raise human rights public awareness and to advertise the NHRCM activities.

Within the scope of the campaign the NHRCM team held a meeting with the Chairman of the Citizens’ Representatives Council and the Governor of the province, staff of the Governor’s Office, and personnel of the provincial law enforcement organisations for discussions on current state of human rights, implementation of the right to labour of employees of public and private sectors, human rights issues related small scale miners and artisanal miners.

Besides, training session were conducted on human rights based approach, human rights in public service, the rights of the child and child protection, gender equality and human rights, ensuring human rights of participants of criminal proceedings and preventing from human rights violations, the rights to persanl security, and international human rights treaties by involving 120 participants including public administrative and public technical servants, and officers and personnel of law enforcement organisations.

The human rights campaign event was attended by 65 persons including individuals and those representing civil society.

The NHRCM team continued the human rights campaign in Darkhan-Uul province on 27 and 28 April 2017.

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