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Involving police officers in human rights trainers’ re-training

We believe that the most effective strategy of delivering the concept of equality, justice, democracy, and enlightenment from the meeting of global decision-makers to our next generation, family and friends is through the human rights education.

The human rights education and training forms an essential contribution to promotion and protection of human rights and freedoms, and it is a responsibility of all UN State Parties to implement the World Programme for Human Rights Education in a comprehensive way at their own national level. Therefore, the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia (NHRCM) has been continuously supporting the delivery of human rights education and has been organizing the human rights training on regular basis.Involving police officers in human rights trainers’ re-training The Commission considers that it is important to prepare and train the human rights trainers in all sectors. In this regard, the Commission conducts a training-of-trainers for the staff of law enforcement organizations.

In October 2017, the NHRCM in collaboration with the Training Centre of National Police Department, have trained 25 officers from the head and regional police offices to prepare them to become human rights trainers. On 12 December 2017, the Commission has hosted one day advanced human rights and law training for 20 human rights trained officers from the police head office and teachers from the Law Enforcement School in order to strengthen their capacity and introduced them to the Commission’s daily work activities.

Involving police officers in human rights trainers’ re-training

Ms. Oyunchimeg Purev, Commissioner of the NHRCM, emphasized the importance of delivering the human rights education and said "Equipped with human rights knowledge and skills and trained as human rights trainers, it will be up to you and up to your will and efforts to share your human rights knowledge with others. We will always be willing to support and cooperate with you in delivering human rights training. Most importantly that your commitment and efforts should be fulfilled in reality” in her opening remarks.

This advanced training and information session have covered the following topics: "Study on status of labour rights of police staff and its implementation”, "Ethics of lawyers”, "Domestic violence and protection of witness (children, women)”, "Decisions for crimes affiliated with police officers and some concerning issues”, and "Human rights protection during a course of criminal procedure”.

The training sessions have been conducted by the representatives from the NHRCM, "National Centre against Violence” NGO, Independent Authority Against Corruption, and the State General Prosecutor’s Office.

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