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Current situation of loss assessment methodology discussed
24-11-2016, 16:31

National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia and Open Society Forum jointly held their monthly meeting named ‘Human rights morning tea’ on 24 November 2016....

Standing Committee on Legal Affairs of the Parliament of Mongolia considers the 15th report on human rights and freedoms in Mongolia
24-11-2016, 16:29

15th Annual report on human rights and freedoms submitted by the NHRCM on 30 March 2016 was considered by the Standing Committee on Legal Affairs of the State Great Khural through its session of 16 November 2016.   The Standing Committee released a resolution on actions to be undertaken as follow up to the 15th Annual Report on human rights and freedoms in Mongolia....

National tripartite dialogue held on “Guaranteeing the rights of old persons”
24-11-2016, 16:28

National tripartite dialogue on "Guaranteeing the rights of old persons” was held at the Ministry of Foregn Affairs on 3 November 2016. The dialogue was co-organized by the Ministries of Labour and Social Protection and Foreign Affairs, National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, and Center for Human Rights and Development NGO to share knowledge and exchange views on international good practice of protection of the rights of older persons and a proposed UN convention on the rights of older...

NHRCM delegates participates in the 21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Forum
24-11-2016, 16:26

Chief Commissioner Byambadorj Jamsran chaired the 21st Annual Meeting of the Asia Pacific Forum of the national human rights institutions held in Bangkok, Thaliand on 26 and 27 October 2016....

The USA Representative to the UN Human Rights Council visits the NHRCM
26-10-2016, 14:29

Chief Commissioner Byambadorj, along with Commissioner Ganbayar Nanzad, received a visit of Ambassador Keith M. Harper, Representative of the USA to the United Nations Human Rights Council, and Ms. Colleen Crenwelge, Political Chief of the Embasssy of the USA in Mongolia, on 18 October 216 at the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia....

The NHRCM renewed the memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the General Agency of Specialised Inspection
26-10-2016, 14:27

Chief Commissioner J.Byambadorj and Mr. N.Tsagaankhuu, Director of the General Agency of Specialised Inspection (GASI), signed renewed Memorandum of understanding between the NHRCM and GASI on 20 October 2016.   The purpose of the memorandum of understanding is to conduct joint inquiries in labour, social protection, education, health, infrastructure, and environment, to strengthen the cohesion of mutual cooperation, and improve human rights education of the state specialized...

NHRCM team working in western provinces
30-09-2016, 13:36

NHRCM team headed by Commissioner Ganbayar Nanzad is conducting comprehensive field mission in western provinces.   As part of the actions planned within Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency project ‘Sustainable Artsanal Mining’ the team is organizing meetings with artisanal miners and conducting advocacy and educational activities which include training sessions among miners and civil servants on ‘Basic concepts of human rights ’, ‘Human rights advocacy strategy developed by United...

Chief Commissioner attends “Follow-up Workshop from National Human Rights Defenders Consultation on Protection Mechanisms”
22-09-2016, 17:29

Chief Commissioner Byambadorj Jamsran attended ‘Follow-up Workshop from National Human Rights Defenders Consultation on Protection Mechanisms’ organized by Centre for Human Rights and Development, Forum Asia, and Globe International NGO on 15 September. Along with 47 delegates from every part of Mongolia who work in protecting human rights, Chief Commissioner Byambadorj Jamsran presented information on the activities of NHRCM on human rights defenders and answered the questions of the...

NHRCM organizes a meeting with government agencies
19-09-2016, 11:06

NHRCM Chief Commissioner Byambadorj and Commissioners Ganbayar Nanzad and Oyunchimeg Purev had meeting with Ch.Saintur, Deputy Director of the Border Protection Authority, B.Asralt, Director of Customs Authority, D.Tuvshintur, Deputy Director of the General Department for Citizenship and Migration of Mongolia, and N.Tsagaankhuu, Director of Specialised Inspection Authority on 14 September 2016....

NHRCM holds meeting with ILO delegates
19-09-2016, 11:03

On 15 September 2016 Chief Commissioner Byambadorj Jamsran and Commissioner Oyunchimeg Purev had meeting with ILO delegates headed by Mr Alain PELCE, Senior International Labour Standard and Labour Law Specialist of ILO Regional Office for the Asia and Pacific, and B.Batchimeg, Officer of Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Colonel Ya. Sainjargal and Lieutenant Colonel D.Amgalan of Border Protection Authority, S.Undraa, Head of Sustainable Development...

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