Discussion on UPR has started in regional areas of Mongolia
21-03-2018, 09:37

The National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, Human Rights NGO Forum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs have been collaborating to organize a series of discussion meeting on Universal Periodic Review of UN Human Rights Council in four regions of the country. This discussion meeting aims to hear opinions and views of representatives from regional communities, government and non-government organizations, and to exchange information on realization of human...

Proposals for gender-related issues
20-03-2018, 18:00

Commissioner Ms. Oyunchimeg Purev is a member of National Committee on Gender Equality. On 15th March 2018, she has participated in a meeting of the Committee and has recalled the proposals and recommendations on the gender-related issues reflected in the 16th Annual Report on Situation of Human Rights and Freedoms in Mongolia of the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia....

World Speech Day was organized under a theme of "Human Rights for Lifelong Education"
19-03-2018, 15:13

Today is a world speech day which was launched by Founder Simon Gibson, British writer and orator, in 2015. World Speech Day is a day to celebrate speeches and speech making through live events across the globe where over 90 countries celebrate on 15th March of every. Mongolia has also joined this event to change the world through a power of speech and voices of people....

Submission of Commissioner’s Demand forwarded to a company concerned to eliminate the violations of labour rights
2-02-2018, 14:10

According to the article 16.1.7 "to conduct alone an inquiry into the activities of business entities, organisations or officials, or jointly on the basis of a proposal by the competent State authority and their officials” of the Law on National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, and pursuant to a complaint lodged to the Commission, complaints officers headed by Commissioner Ganbayar Nanzad conducted an inquiry into activities of "Sain” Lombard in relation to the labour rights of employees of...

Commissioner Oyunchimeg Purev made a briefing to the General Executive Agency of Court Decisions within the framework of Memorandum of Understanding signed between bilateral organizations
31-01-2018, 16:36

Oyunchimeg Purev, Commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia (NHRCM), has made a briefing to the staff of General Executive Agency of Court Decisions (GEACD) on 30 January 2018. The NHRCM has extended its third Memorandum of Understanding with the GEACD. Within the framework of the MoU, the NHRCM aims to fulfill the following activities: - To raise the human rights awareness of personnel of GEACD; - To support the GEACD in using and shaping the human rights-based...

Certificate of Appreciation received from “Mongolian Network of Non-government organizations against Human-Trafficking"
15-01-2018, 11:28

On the occasion of Fourth Anniversary of "Mongolian Network of Non-government organizations against Human-Trafficking” has expressed its gratitude towards Ms. Oyunchimeg Purev, Commissioner of National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia (NHRCM), and sent her a Certificate of Appreciation on 11th January 2018....

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